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  • Number: Potassium Fulvate
  • Number: CXHA-KHA
  • Upload: 2015-04-07
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Potassium Fulvate
Water solubility:100%
Fulvic acid(dry basis):55%min
Potassium(K2O dry basis):12%min
1.It can improve the soil aggregate structure;have a distinct function of improving the roots activity and enhancing the roots system development;prevent premature aging.
2.It can improve the ability of anti-drought,anti-lodging,and prevent the continuous cropping;resist bacterial infection.
3.It improve the efficiency of fertilizers and pesticides;absorb and complex the toxic substance from the soils.
4.It can decrease the leaves' opening degree,deducing the plants' water loss;Increase the content of chlorophyll,enhancing photosynthesis and increasing the out put;If it is used for vegetables and fruits,it can stimulate the enzyme production,increasing the content of Vitamin C and obtain a better taste.

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